SpaCy v3.0 Released (Python Natural Language Processing)

📣 NEW: Want to make the transition from spaCy v2 to spaCy v3 as smooth as possible for you and your organization? We’re now offering commercial migration support for your spaCy pipelines! We’ve put… Read more


Python Extensions with Rust and Go

The goal of a developer retreat is to stop what you are doing for awhile and explore something new. This usually requires a shift in mindset, and the biggest shift is to suspend the focus around productivity and urgency. It’s important to give up the idea... (more…)

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Python Is Actually Portable

Back in February, I put together Lua 5.4 using Cosmopolitan Libc as a quick proof-of-concept, and that led to Lua 5.4 being vendored as part of the Cosmopolitan repository on Github, along with many other interesting developments. It’s pretty exciting to ... (more…)

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