Solving Intelligence vs. Accelerating Towards AI Winter: Which Goal Is Better?

I have always struggled a bit to grasp DeepMind’s motto and mission statement, who want to solve intelligence. Well, that is in fact only step 1, step 2 is using it to solve everything else. What does solving intelligence mean? Do I have to believe in it?…


Applying AI in the Real-World

Introduction In the last decade, artificial intelligence has accomplished many significant feats: from classifying an image to tracking objects in video feeds, from beating a Go player to beating a Starcraft 2 pro and more. After such a successful decade,... (more…)

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Starcraft AI Research Dataset

We release the largest StarCraft: Brood War replay dataset yet, with 65646 games. The full dataset after compression is 365 GB, 1535 million frames, and 496 million player actions. The entire frame data was dumped out at 8 frames per second. We made a big... (more…)

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