Snake Charmer’s Secret: Metaprogramming the Python SDK

We’re releasing a bundle of Python resources, including CMA and CDA SDKs, a Getting Started guide and a Django example app. It’s a great occasion to peek behind the curtain and learn more about metaprogramming, the trick we use to develop language-specifi… Read more


Farewell, Python 3.5

At last!  Python 3.5 has now officially reached its end-of-life. Since there have been no checkins or PRs since I tagged 3.5.10, 3.5.10 will stand as the final release in the 3.5 series. (more…)

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Siftrics announces official Python client

Published February 24, 2020Yesterday, we announced an offical Node.js client for the Sight API. That was a short blog post. For Node.js developers all around the world, we reduced the friction of doing state-of-the-art text recogntion to merely specifying... (more…)

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