Simplifying complex business logic with Python and Kanren

So-called “logic programming” has been a niche programming topic since Prolog was introduced in the 80s. In my experience, most posts that cover logic programming introduce the core concepts and stop there. The examples they give are mostly toy proble…


Python 3.9 Alpha in Fedora

The Python developers have already released five alpha versions of Python 3.9.0 and you can already try the latest one in Fedora! Test your Python code with 3.9 early to avoid surprises once the final 3.9.0 is out in October. Install Python 3.9 on Fedora ... (more…)

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Understanding Tuples in Python 3

A tuple is a data structure that consists of an immutable ordered sequence of elements. Because tuples are immutable, their values cannot be modified. In this tutorial, we will cover some basic processes, including indexing, slicing and concatenating... (more…)

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