Simplifying complex business logic with Python and Kanren

So-called “logic programming” has been a niche programming topic since Prolog was introduced in the 80s. In my experience, most posts that cover logic programming introduce the core concepts and stop there. The examples they give are mostly toy proble…


Let’s build a file encrypter with Python

Today we’re going to take a bit of a detour from web development and head more towards the realm of software development, while dunking our toes into the world of intrigue that is cryptography and information security. I used a lot of buzzwords there but ... (more…)

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Sentinel Values in the Python Stdlib

Hi, Following some discussion on the python-dev mailing list, I’d like to poll your preferences on how we define sentinel values for optional function arguments. This is a minor detail, so ISTM most important that we reach a reasonable decision quickly,... (more…)

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