Shredder: Garbage Collection as a Library for Rust

I’m excited to announce shredder, a library for Rust that provides a garbage collected smart pointer, Gc. This smart pointer is useful in the same sorts of situations as Rc, but can handle reference cycles. It’s available on and Github. Here’s h… Read more


Rust Error Handling in 2020

After working through “the book” on the Rust programming language and getting started with the first non-trivial, real-world application I found myself faced with a question I didn’t yet feel well-equipped to handle: “How should you structure error handli... (more…)

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How to rewrite it in Rust

In a previous article we’ve talked about how you can avoid rewriting a library in Rust when you don’t need to. But what about the times when you really do need to? In most languages you’d need to rewrite the entire library from the ground up, waiting unti... (more…)

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