Shock Result? Rust faster than Python in a single test of file parsing

I don’t think I’d surprise many people if I told them a Rust program was often faster than a Python program but today I wrote a small “script” that scanned a large log file for a regular expression and was surprised to find the Rust version ran >400x f… Read more


Revisiting a ‘Smaller Rust’

A bit over a year ago, I wrote some notes on a “smaller Rust” - a higher level language that would take inspiration from some of Rust’s type system innovations, but would be simpler by virtue of targeting a domain with less stringent requirements for user... (more…)

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Neat Rust Tricks: Passing Closures to C

One of Rust’s biggest selling points is how well it can interoperate with C. It’s able to call into C libraries and produce APIs that C can call into with very little fuss. However, when dealing with sufficiently complex APIs, mismatches between... | Sean... (more…)

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