Serverless Browser Uploads to S3 Using React Fine Uploader, Zappa, and AWS Lambda

Secure ‘Serverless’ File Uploads with AWS Lambda, S3, and Zappa Deploy a Python-based Zappa microservice onto AWS Lambda to facilitate direct browser to S3 file uploads. A React-based Fine Uploader component is hosted on S3. All traffic is encrypted (for … Read more


Tetrisly Design System React for Free

Tetrisly offers user-friendly components designed for effortless integration. Plus, it's fully compatible with fully compatible with Tetrisly for Figma with a seamless design and development experience in mind.. Latest version: 1.4.0, last published: 4 da... (more…)

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React v15.6.2

Today we're sending out React 15.6.2. In 15.6.1, we shipped a few fixes for change events and inputs that had some unintended consequences. Those regressions have been ironed out, and we've also included a few more fixes to improve the stability of React ... (more…)

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