Scala Integration Testing with TestContainers Docker Library

Many of the times when we write Scala unit test cases, we need access to external services like databases, caches etc. Even though mocking works well for most of the cases, it’s the not the same thing. So it will be desirable to write test cases against t… Read more


UIs for Docker, a follow-up post

So rather than edit the post I thought I would write a follow-up, now this is purely my opinion; also I have missed chunks of the container ecosystem, such as CoreOS based technologies. As you can…...

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Setting Up Locally with Docker-Compose

I’ve dived into a new effort to figure out, get it running, and if plausible contribute in some way to the project. This was kick started yesterday while I was speaking with Joachim (T @lindyhop && G @josmo) about some projects we’re ...

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