Rust/WebAssembly image processing library

⚡ Rust/WebAssembly image processing library. Contribute to silvia-odwyer/photon development by creating an account on GitHub. Read more


So You Want to Rust the Linux Kernel?

UNDER CONSTRUCTION October 8, 2021: Fix s/LInux/Linux/ typo noted by Miguel Ojeda There has been much discussion of using the Rust language in the Linux kernel (for example, here , here , and here ), at the Kangrejos Rust for Linux Workshop ( here , here ... (more…)

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Rust makes cross compilation child’s play

Why do I care about this Recently I solved this delta issue, where the maintainer asked to switch from Travis CI to GitHub actions. These are all the pull requests I’ve done if you want to have a look at this journey: #399, #400, #409, #411, #413, #417 an... (more…)

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We built a custom Rust library for Capture

Dropbox Capture is a new visual communication tool designed to make it easy for teams to asynchronously share their work using screen recordings, video messages, screenshots, or GIFs. There's no formal onboarding required, and you can start sharing your i... (more…)

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STM32L0 Rust Part 1 – Getting Started

The embedded Rust development ecosystem is changing fast. A bunch has changed even since early 2019 when I started prototyping firmware for the Gameslab’s system controller (STM32L0). Most of the changes are incredible! Device support crates, hardware abs... (more…)

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