Rust’s URL crate: Redact password in logs

Software often logs urls using std::format::Display. Example from ureq HTTP client library: info!("sending request {} {}", method, url); When the Url contains a password, the password end… Read more


A C# programmer examines Rust – Part 1

It’s a dark, gloomy February night and I can hear the rain pelting against the windows of my office, behind me. It’s late, but I’ve lost track of time. I am puzzling over some code, kind of hacking away at it, trying to gain clarity. On my second monitor ... (more…)

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Innovating with Rust

The Rust programming language is an open source project started by Mozilla Research more than a decade ago. Since then, more than 5,000 people have contributed to the Rust project, and the language has had a resounding impact on technology. Technology com... (more…)

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