rustfm-scrobble – Scrobble API Client in Pure Rust

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Building a Web Browser in Rust

I have done something very foolish. I've started building a new web browser. From scratch. Not a new wrapper around Chromium or WebKit or Gecko. No, an actual new browser. Why have I done such a thing?! (more…)

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Rust is NFG. Try again in 2030

These conclusions are generally met with a variation of the motte-and-bailey argument, i.e. that Rust has an "unsafe" mode where all the manageable evils of C are permitted, albeit with back-to-front declaration syntax, semantically significant scoping[-1... (more…)

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What is Rust and why is it so popular?

Rust has been Stack Overflow's most loved language for four years in a row, indicating that many of those who have had the opportunity to use Rust have fallen in love with it. However, the roughly 97% of survey respondents who haven't used Rust may wonder... (more…)

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