Rust-Written Redox OS Booting the 128-Thread AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3990X

@redox_os running 128 threads on a @system76 thelio-major-r2 with a @AMDRyzen Threadripper 3990XEvery process at boot get its own core and then some 😁SMP support in @redox_os is finally ready!— Jeremy Soller (@jeremy_soller) Apr… Read more


Redox: The Rust operating system in 2016

Back in 2009, Jackpot51 wrote SollerOS, which was a tiny operating system which was simply a hobby project of his to learn OS development. It was a tiny kernel written in Assembly, which could print text to the screen.

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Launching the 2017 State of Rust Survey

Rust’s second birthday is a little less than two weeks away (May 15th, 2017), so it’s time for us to reflect on our progress over the past year, and how we should plan for the future. The Rust Community Team is pleased to announce our 2017 State of Rust S... (more…)

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