Rust-Written Redox OS Booting the 128-Thread AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3990X

@redox_os running 128 threads on a @system76 thelio-major-r2 with a @AMDRyzen Threadripper 3990XEvery process at boot get its own core and then some 😁SMP support in @redox_os is finally ready!— Jeremy Soller (@jeremy_soller) Apr… Read more


Rust Ray Tracer, an Update (and SIMD)

About a month ago I ported my C99 ray tracer side project to Rust. The initial port went smoothly, and I’ve now been plugging away adding features and repeatedly rewriting it in my spare hours. In parallel I’m getting up to speed on a large, production Ru... (more…)

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Writing a prometheus MPD exporter (in Rust)

Today, I challenged myself to write a prometheus exporter for MPD in Rust. Shut up and show me the code! Here you go and here you go for submitting patches. The challenge I recently started monitoring my server with prometheus and grafana. I am no-way a... (more…)

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Stroustrup’s Rule and Layering Over Time in Rust

Programming language experts like to claim that syntax doesn't matter, that semantics is all that counts. Don't believe them! They're overrotating on a common, pre-rigorous misunderstanding of language design as superficially aesthetic. The study of seman...

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