Rust Wishlist: functions with keyword args, default args, varargs

A portion of the community (and of the core team) sees one or more of the following features as important for programmer ergonomics: keyword-based parameters (as opposed to position-based parameter… Read more


Symme(Try Blocks) in Rust

For the last few days the rust community has been abuzz with renewed discussions about try syntax in response to a series of blog posts([1][2]) by @withoutboats. This has triggered some fairly intense bikeshedding and vitriolic objections and, it seems, s... (more…)

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Rust Tips and Tricks

Rust is a programming language that is geared towards speed and safety. Rust has gained a lot of adoption in the past few years and developers are loving it. Although there are numerous other systems programming languages, Rust is one of the very few alte... (more…)

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