Rust sucks because

Note some of this is not JavaScript itself, but web APIs (


References in Rust

Rust references are very simple at runtime: they are plain memory addresses. At compile time, in contrast, references participate in more complex compiler analysis. For example, references help to prove memory safety of a program. But in this post, I will... (more…)

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A look at Rust tokio 1.0 API changes

I’ve been working in the Rust space for about a year now using tokio & async/await with DNS. The result of this work is a sizeable from-scratch tokio server using 0.2 (that’s now in production– yay! hopefully I can share more about this later). As a r... (more…)

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Make a Language in Rust: Errors

So far, our parser has only concerned itself with input that is correct. In a world of IDEs and language servers, however, the input to our parser will be wrong more often than not. Therefore, it is important that our parser can: (more…)

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