Rust-sel4: Rust support for seL4 userspace

Rust support for seL4 userspace. Contribute to seL4/rust-sel4 development by creating an account on GitHub. Read more


Small Strings in Rust

Hey everyone! This article is brought to you by a shameless nerd snipe , courtesy of Pascal. In case you've blocked Twitter for your own good, this reads: There should be a p... (more…)

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Problems with Async Rust

hair-pin context switches (a thread -> kernel -> the same thread) are able to avoid TLB flushing, and is one reason behind why pinning causes measured differences with tasks to fade most pthr... (more…)

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Rust for Haskell Programmers

While we focus on Haskell at MMH, it's also good to branch out to other languages every once and a while. If you're a diehard Haskell developer, Rust is one of the more interesting languages to try out when you broaden your horizons. Its syntax has a lot ... (more…)

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