Rust on RISC-V (VexRiscv) on SpinalHDL with SymbiFlow on the Supercon Badge

What do Rust, Risc-V, and SpinalHDL all have in common? They can all run on the Hackaday Supercon 2019 badge! In this rather lengthy post, I go through how to get started with SpinalHDL on the badge, how to setup a Risc-V soft core using VexRiscv, how to … Read more


Announcing Rust Language Server Alpha Release

Today, we’re announcing the first alpha release of the Rust Language Server (aka RLS). With this alpha release, this is the first time we’re encouraging early adopters to try on real projects and send us feedback. The RLS has now reached a level of ...

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Writing a prometheus MPD exporter (in Rust)

Today, I challenged myself to write a prometheus exporter for MPD in Rust. Shut up and show me the code! Here you go and here you go for submitting patches. The challenge I recently started monitoring my server with prometheus and grafana. I am no-way a... (more…)

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Rust-Style Futures in C

All networking applications essentially boil down to stringing together multiple asynchronous calls in the right way. Traditionally for programs written in C this would be done through registering callbacks where the callee either handles the event itself... (more…)

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Rust to WebAssembly, Made Easy

Compiling Rust to WebAssembly is still difficult. On macOS, there are weird bugs that require reinstalling LLVM and moving files around. On Linux, the official Emscripten binary in many cases isn’t bundled with the right LLVM, and the fix is to compile fr... (more…)

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