Rust on AWS Lambda Using AWS CDK for Deployment

Minimal setup for starting with serverless Rust on AWS Lambda using AWS CDK for deployment – codetalkio/patterns-serverless-rust-minimal… Read more


A fast port scanner in 100 lines of Rust

To write a fast port scanner, a programming language requires: A Good I/O model, not to eat all the resources of the system. High-level abstractions and a good packaging system to isolate low-level code and reuse it easily. To be type and memory safe, be... (more…)

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Tools for profiling Rust

The first time I needed to profile a Rust application I came across Llogiq’s post - Profiling Rust applications on Linux. This post was incredibly helpful to me and succeeded in getting me off the ground. After spending a little more time with Rust and ne... (more…)

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