Rust Library for End-to-End Encrypted Secure Messaging

End-to-end encryption and mutual authentication for distributed applications. – ockam/documentation/use-cases/end-to-end-encryption-with-rust at develop · ockam-network/ockam… Read more


Why Rust is a great choice for startups

At The Daily Edit we have a small, sharp team that ships something new every single week. While there are many reasons for this cadence, one technical choice has helped immensely and that’s our choice to use Rust wherever we can. Rust enables us to achiev... (more…)

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Rust’s Most Unrecognized Contributor

I think the Rust language is a big success. When I think back on it I am in awe: so much had to go right to get where we are, and there were so many opportunities to go wrong. It took many tiny miracles for the Rust language to become what it has. Those m... (more…)

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