Rust Koan – Obstacles

Obstacles For the eighth day in a row, Neophyte Col found himself standing before the Two Great Guards of the temple. They stood before the large entrance of the temple, clad in simple robes. Nevertheless, they were imposing, and feared. He strode towa… Read more


Making a RISC-V OS using Rust

Writing these posts is a past-time right now as my full time job is educating (mostly) undergraduate college students. I will always deliver content, but I could really use your help. If you're willing, please support me at Patreon (pavehawk2007) ... (more…)

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Writing a Seqlock in Rust

A seqlock — or “sequence lock” — is an optimized implementation of a reader-writer lock. In a seqlock “the data can be ‘protected’ by a sequence number. The sequence number starts at zero, and is incremented before and after writing the object. Each reade... (more…)

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