Rust for Serious Developers

An introduction for what Rust is, what makes it special and why it’s not just a toy language but solving some real problems and will become an important tool of every technology stack.
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A Possible New Back End for Rust

Is that a compiler backend or frontend? Cranelift Bringing this together Benchmarks Footnotes LLVM originally stood for Low Level Virtual Machine but this was dropped as LLVM is no longer a virtual machine and more of a library of utilities. https://githu... (more…)

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Thoughts on Rust vs. OCaml

I'm about two weeks into Rust now, so this feels like a good time to write a critique, before I get Stockholm Syndrome'd. My main motivation in learning Rust is that I have to maintain some of Dark's Rust code. There was a recent outage related to that co... (more…)

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