Rust embedded device driver examples for bluepill, and other boards

Rust example programs for many of my hardware device drivers running on STM32F3 Discovery, STM32F103 "Blue Pill", micro:bit and other boards – GitHub – eldruin/driver-examples: Rust examp… Read more


Symme(Try Blocks) in Rust

For the last few days the rust community has been abuzz with renewed discussions about try syntax in response to a series of blog posts([1][2]) by @withoutboats. This has triggered some fairly intense bikeshedding and vitriolic objections and, it seems, s... (more…)

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Goodbye Rust, and Hello, D

After quite a bit of thought and consideration, I have decided to abandon my study of Rust, and move on to D. I had been learning Rust for a while now, and I have become quite comfortable with it, … (more…)

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