Rust: Drop MIPS to Tier 3

Proposal The target tier policy exists to guarantee targets have a minimum of support and don’t cause problems in our CI. The existing tier 2 MIPS targets are causing problems in our CI. Specifical… Read more


Three Different Cuts: Rust, Go, and Zig

In this post, we'll look at how Rust, Go, and Zig express the signature of function cut --- the power tool of string mainpulation. Cut takes a string and a pattern, and splits the string around the first occurrence of the pattern: cut(... (more…)

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Plugins in Rust: The Technologies

In this article I will further analyze how a Plugin Development Kit (PDK) could be implemented in Rust. Note that I’m no expert in the topic; my objective is to merely collect all the information I’ve found so far and present it as a summary, with enough ... (more…)

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