Rust Continuous Delivery

Over the last few years I have iterated several times on continuous delivery
pipelines for Rust applications. Designing these pipelines involves balancing
a number of factors including cost, complexity, ergonomics, and rigor. In this
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An overview of macros in Rust

Rust has had a lot of stuff going on with “macros”. There are a few, interconnected aspects of these features, many different names for the same thing, and a lot of development work going on. This post will give an overview of the past, present,... | ...

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It’s Raining Rust at Red Hat

I know it's been a while since I've put out a post and mostly because I'm trying to learn amazing things and get my hands dirty, trying to build solutions that actually make sense. One such pet-project has been Rust, probably the fastest growing systems l... (more…)

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Unsoundness in `Pin` (Rust)

Recently, @withoutboats challenged me to demonstrate a hypothetical version of Pin with different guarantees, and show how it would be sound. However, while working on that, I stumbled upon unsoundness in the actual Pin. I haven't seen this reported bef... (more…)

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