Rust Binary Tree: A Refactor

Rust is a beautiful and complex beast. Despite being a truly low-level language, it has amazing features and abstractions available for us as developers. I personally have a (functional) JavaScript… Read more


Achieving warp speed with Rust

If you're looking to write fast code in Rust, good news! Rust makes it really easy to write really fast code. The focus on zero-cost abstractions, the lack of implicit boxing and the static memory management means that even naïve code is often faster than... (more…)

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Deserializing Binary Data Files in Rust

The other day, someone on the Rust user forums posted a question that really nerd-sniped me. They had data generated by a C++ program and were wanting to load it into a Rust program, but when asked what format the data was in the author didn’t provide som... (more…)

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