Rust and Data Science // First impressions from an outsider

To All Rustaceans, NOTE: After my initial post there has been some focus on the second part of this post. My main interest is in the first part. The second part relates to certain personal preferences that I was happy to share and discuss in good faith. … Read more


Learning Rust as a Gopher, part 3

Hello and welcome to the third post in my series about learning Rust. In case you want to hit it from the start, here’s a link to the first one! This entire series covers my journey from being a completely land-locked Gopher to becoming (hopefully) a hard... (more…)

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Two Years with Rust

It's been just over two years since I started learning Rust. Since then, I've used it heavily at my day job, including work in the Firecracker code base, and a number of other projects. Rust is a great fit for the systems-level work I've been doing over t... (more…)

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