Rubique uses AI to provide financial assurance in times of uncertainty

Rubique’s ambitions to become a definitive fintech player in India are not out of reach. In April 2017, it achieved a 400 percent Y-O-Y growth, processing loans worth over Rs. 1250 crore and 31,000+ credit card… Read more


AI for the Clueless Developer

As a web developer, I am proud when asked about my work experience. I worked with a dozen programming languages and I can fairly quickly learn a new one. I use them both for work and privately. When I... (more…)

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The Right to Be Forgotten and AI

One (of the many) confusing aspects of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is its “right to be forgotten”. It’s related to the right to erasure but takes in far more ground. The right to have your personal deleted means that data held by the ... (more…)

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