Researcher finds racist and misogynistic terms in image library used to train AI

A study by a researcher from Lero, the Science Foundation Ireland Research Centre for Software and University College Dublin’s Complex Software Lab, has resulted in the withdrawal of an 80-million image library, which has, up to now, been used to train Ar… Read more


AI by Zapier Beta Launch

TL;DW -- today we're beta-launching our take on AI! Take any text input — like an email body, Slack message, or Tweet — and extract data, answer simple questions...almost anything! Later steps can use the intelligent output to do filtering, routing, or ev... (more…)

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If AI papers were pharmaceuticals

Do you suffer from high-dimensional Bayesian optimization? Alebo can help! Watch this commercial to understand how Alebo (Adaptive Linear Embedding Bayesian optimization) can make your life happier, your food tastier, and your friends funnier. (more…)

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Customer Segmentation Using AI

Artificial intelligence is already widely used in business applications mainly to streamlining operations and improving efficiencies. Here the idea is to use the power of Artificial Intelligence to create an Intelligent Customer Segmentation... (more…)

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