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You all know that I’m fascinated to learn new languages, I like to study compilers/transpilers, etc.. the last two languages I’ve been learning are Go (thanks to Guilherme that influenced me and convince me to use in a side project that we are doing toget… Read more


Comma Operator in JavaScript

The comma operator fits in with a set of expression operators and it can be useful, but it has a tendency to be used in ways that confuse rather than clarify. Part of the reason for this is that it… (more…)

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The Odyssey of Asynchronous JavaScript

When I was learning JavaScript (about 1-2 years back), my mentor had me go through it step-by-step. So, first I spent some time to get comfortable with callbacks. Then I jumped onto Promises. And then, after months, I started using Async-await. (more…)

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