Remove an Exclamation Mark from the End of String Using Python

The challenge Remove a exclamation mark from the end of string. For a beginner kata, you can assume that the input data is always a string, no need to verify it. Examples Test cases The solution in Python Option 1: Option 2 (using endswith): Option 3 (sim… Read more


Eventloop Sidecar in Python

A command pattern that I’ve used in multiple projects is an event-loop sidecar. The sidecar runs on it’s own thread and does asynchronous IO; thereby increasing the responsiveness of the system which could be doing IO/CPU bound work. The application (runn... (more…)

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Locking Mechanisms in Python Scripts

Today, I wanted to create a basic locking mechanism in Python to prevent certain commands/functions from running concurrently. I have an script that runs inside of a CI/CD pipeline but it can also be triggered manually. The problem is that certain command... (more…)

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