Redox: The Rust operating system in 2016

Back in 2009, Jackpot51 wrote SollerOS, which was a tiny operating system which was simply a hobby project of his to learn OS development. It was a tiny kernel written in Assembly, which could print text to the screen.


Prefer Rust to C/C++ for new code

This is a position paper that I originally circulated inside the firmware community at X. I've gotten requests for a public link, so I've cleaned it up and posted it here. This is, obviously, my personal opinion. Please read the whole thing before sending... (more…)

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Magnifying Glasses for Rust Assembly

Compilers are complex beasts. Our high level source code goes through many transformations until it winds up becoming machine code that runs on real or virtual hardware. Assembly is the final destination before machine code and it doesn't have to be menac... (more…)

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