Record patterns are coming to Java

Enhance the Java programming language with record patterns, to deconstruct
record values. Record patterns, and type patterns (JEP 394) can be
nested so as to significantly enhance the expressiveness and utility of pattern
matching. This is a preview langu… Read more


Java vs. JavaScript: Battle of Concurrency

Java vs Javascript: Battle of Concurrency Almost a decade back, it was shocking when Walmart announced it’s ditching their old Java based systems and re-writing everything in Javascript, as they need to handle more than 20,000 requests per second on thei... (more…)

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The Cost of Java’s EnumSet

It’s been about a decade since I last worked in Java and much has changed. I thought I’d brush up by re-reading Effective Java by Joshua Bloch which has since received a new edition. It was once my guiding star for Java. However, after an additional decad... (more…)

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