Rascii: An advanced image to ASCII art generator tool and crate written in Rust

Advanced image to ASCII art tool & crate written in Rust πŸ¦€πŸš€ – GitHub – UTFeight/RASCII: Advanced image to ASCII art tool & crate written in Rust πŸ¦€πŸš€… Read more


How Microsoft Is Adopting Rust

Microsoft has one of the largest C/C++ codebases in the world. All of its core products from Windows and Office to the Azure cloud run on it. Unsurprisingly, since C++ is not a memory-safe language… (more…)

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Rust Language Server Alpha 2 Release

Today, we’re happy to announce the second alpha for the Rust Language Server, a project build to bring high-quality Rust IDE support to any IDE or editor. This release brings new features, better stability, and an easier installation than the first alpha... (more…)

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Rust procedural macros vs. GCC plugins

Much of my work recently has been in Rust. I’ve known about Rust since its early days but I’ve never had the inclination to sit down and work with it until now. In many respects, I feel like I’m working in a functional programming language given the wide-... (more…)

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