Python programming using these quick to read books

The following 7 Quick Python books are based on a diversity of topics on Stackoverflow. While posts like these are often closed on Stackoverflow, they often provide good recommendations, and we would like to bring them to your attention by sharing them he… Read more


Easy Learning Python 3 Easy Learning Python 3: Python for Beginner's Guide (Easy Learning Python and design patterns and data structures and algorithms Book 1) eBook : hu, yang: Kindle Store... (more…)

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Python’s data model by example

After last post on OOP a logical follow-up is Python's data model. We use the great Fluent Python book to code up an example of our own, showing the powerful way you can levarage this data model.

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Decorators in Python

In Python, everything is object. Functions in Python are first-class objects which means that they can be stored in a variable, added in the lists, passed as arguments to another function etc. With… (more…)

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