Python In-App Purchase Validator for Apple AppStore and GooglePlay

InAppPy – Python In-app purchase validator for Apple AppStore and GooglePlay.


Unravelling Python’s `Async` and `Await`

For this post in my Python syntactic sugar series, I am going to cover async and await. Now when I started to think about this post I was worried it was going to be rather long and arduous to research (although I believe class is going to ultimately win t... (more…)

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The Python Launcher for Unix

The problemLet's say you have more than one version of Python installed on your machine. What version does python3 point to? If you said, "the newest version", you may actually be wrong. That's because python3 points at the last version of Python you inst... (more…)

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Namespaces and Scope in Python

In this tutorial, you'll learn about Python namespaces, the structures used to store and organize the symbolic names created during execution of a Python program. You'll learn when namespaces are created, how they are implemented, and how they define vari... (more…)

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