Python HTTP API with GitHub Codespaces and Copilot

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Python and SQL: Better Together

Python and SQL: Better Together Python and SQL are complementary - we should focus on how best to integrate them rather than try to replace them! By Alex Monahan 2021-08-15 (Yes, this is the one date format to rule them all) LinkedIn Twitter @__alexmonaha... (more…)

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Constant Folding in Python

Every programming language aims to be performant and Python is no exception. In this essay, we dive deep into Python internals and find out how Python makes its interpreter performant using a technique called Constant Folding. (more…)

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Uvloop: Blazing fast Python networking

asyncio is an asynchronous I/O framework shipping with the Python Standard Library. In this blog post, we introduce uvloop: a full, drop-in replacement for the asyncio event loop. uvloop is written in Cython and built on top of libuv. (more…)

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Python Print() and Beyond

Beyond the print() function in Python Hey guys, today I am going to talk about some features of the print() function in python. You will probably have come across some of these functions while others could seem new. Let's start by understanding the b... (more…)

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