Python 3.12 will have per interpreter GIL – PEP 684 Accepted

Since Python 1.5 (1997), CPython users can run multiple interpreters
in the same process. However, interpreters in the same process
have always shared a significant
amount of global state. This is a source of bugs, with a growing
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Python Projects for Beginners

python projects for beginners with code interesting python projects beginner python projects reddit python projects for beginners python mini projects for beginners with source code python projects for practice intermediate python projects python project... (more…)

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Python Is Portable

Back in February, I put together Lua 5.4 using Cosmopolitan Libc as a quick proof-of-concept, and that led to Lua 5.4 being vendored as part of the Cosmopolitan repository on Github, along with many other interesting developments. It’s pretty exciting to ... (more…)

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Grail the Historic Python Web Browser

Grail was a free extensible multi-platform web browser written in the Python programming language. The project was started in August 1995, with its first public release in November of that year.[4] The last official release was version 0.6 in 1999. (more…)

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