Pterodactyl 1.0 – Game Server Management with Docker

Pterodactyl 1.0 represents the culmination of over two years of work, almost 2,000 commits, endless bug and feature requests, and a dream that has been in the making since 2013. 🎉
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Docker vs. binary packages

The other day I had a conversation with a Operations Engineer who made a bold statement: "Sending us a docker container is not different from sending us a .deb package" I do not agree with that statement at all but didn't have the time to counter it, so ... (more…)

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Docker and Kaggle with Ernie and Bert

This post is meant to serve as an introduction to what Docker is and why and how to use it for Kaggle. For simplicity, we will primarily speak about Sesame Street and cupcakes in lieu of compu…

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