Provision Dockerized Hosts on Vultr with Docker Machine from Linux 18.1

How to provision Dockerized hosts on Vultr with Docker Machine from Linux Mint 18 and Ubuntu 16.04. The Docker machines use RancherOS by default…


Become Proficient with Docker in 2 hours

Self teaching, interactive course. Step by step material provided in 20 pages. A course that will convert you from Docker newbie into a confident Docker user. You'll need a fresh mind and a two hours. After that you'll wont be afraid to execute Docker com... (more…)

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Restart Docker container on image change

This blog is a static website served from a Docker container. The content is written in markdown and pushed to a Git repository hosted on GitHub. Every time I push to that repository a Docker image containing the new version is build on DockerHub. (more…)

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