Porting k-d forests to Rust

I recently decided to give a serious go to learning Rust. As my first non-toy project, I decided to port an old piece of code I’d been wanting to dust off anyway: k-d forests. The basic premise of it is to generate images with every possible 8-bit RGB c… Read more


Implement Raft in Rust

As an open-source distributed scalable HTAP database, TiDB uses the Raft Consensus Algorithm in its distributed transactional key-value storage engine, TiKV, to ensure data consistency, auto-failover, and fault tolerance. TiDB has thus far been used by mo... (more…)

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Fuzzing Rust with an Expert Podcast

Fuzzing Rust with Shnatsel In this fresh episode of Security headlines we interview Shnatsel about rust fuzzing, we jump in the rabbit holes of Rust and fuzzing and explore the magical world. In this episode we cover: Fuzzing in rust i side track to openb... (more…)

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