Polars v0.15.0: Fastest DataFrame library written in Rust

I am largely in debt of quality documentation, regular project updates, a project website and so on.
I mostly prioritize development work, because I want things to be better faster. But… Here goes one well overdue project update on Polars. Read more


Does Rust need proc-macros 2.0?

Without any doubt, macros are an important feature of the Rust programming language. Macros like println!, lazy_static!, various derive-macros and many others have saved countless hours of writing tedious boilerplate code. However, not everything is perfe... (more…)

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Blocking inside async code in Rust

Hi everyone, I haven’t blogged in a while so it feels good to be back. First things first — here’s some quick news. After two years of work on Crossbeam, in 2019 I’ve shifted my main focus onto asynchronous programming to research the craft of building ru... (more…)

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