Podcast: Debunking Java Bytecode Manipulation Myths

In this week’s podcast, QCon chair Wesley Reisz talks to Tal Weiss, CEO of OverOps, recently re-branded from Takipi. The conversation covers how the OverOps product works, explores the difference betw…


Why I Chose Scala Over Java

I recently watched a “comment tennis match” between 2 people here on DZone where each was entrenched in their view of the Scala versus Java debate. I thought that I should give my reasons to make the switch since I recently did the “cross-over” to...

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Data Oriented Programming in Java

Project Amber has brought a number of new features to Java in recent years. While each of these features are self-contained, they are also designed to work together. Specifically, records, sealed classes, and pattern matching work together to enable easie... (more…)

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How much faster is Java 17?

Java 17 (released yesterday) comes with many new features and enhancements. However, most of those require code changes to benefit from. Expect for performance. Simply switch your JDK ... (more…)

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