Play Framework: Java no-op Filter decreases performance by – 83%

This is really bad.
play.mvc.Filter has a serious performance issue.
While working on TechEmpower/FrameworkBenchmarks#3061 I discovered a massive performance decrease as soon as you add a simple no… Read more


Reordering Futures in Java Streams

Futures are an interesting conecpt in concurrent and parallel programming. I’ve written about them several time, the last time in Advanced Futures With Play Framework. Streams are a concept which came with Java 8 to operate on a stream of objects, transfo... (more…)

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Java Developer’s Guide to SSL Certificates

Overview When developing web applications, we often need to integrate with other applications using SSL.   This could be over different protocols such as HTTPS, IMAPS, or LDAPS.  In this article, we'll cover what Java developers need to know about SSL cer... (more…)

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