Persistent Undo in Vim

about a 2 minute This post presents a chapter from my upcoming book Mastering Vim Quickly: From WTF to OMG in no time As you already saw in the chapter on Undo/redo, Vim is pretty powerful when it comes to these features. However, there’s one more feature… Read more


My Vim Notes Setup

There are a ton of super fancy note apps out there. I’ve tried a small handful of them and while I haven’t hated them I also haven’t loved them. I don’t think it’s a problem with any of the apps themselves, rather it’s a problem with me: I want to just us... (more…)

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Vim Kōans

These koans have been independently translated into Chinese, thanks to Wanzhang Sheng, and into Spanish, thanks to Daniel Campoverde Carrión. (more…)

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Vim 9

An experimental fork of Vim, exploring ways to make Vim script faster and better. - brammool/vim9... (more…)

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