Pandemics Happen–AI and Machine Learning Can Provide the Cures

It takes a minimum of 18 months to develop vaccines and anti-viral drugs. The bureaucracy and the human trials, when combined with the discovery process which involves endless hours of iterative testing, should be the perfect target for the use of the mod… Read more


AI to Generate Client Content

Yes, that image that you’re seeing is completely generated from AI to deliver (blog) content to an Interior designer here in Vancouver. To help with their organic SEO (Search Engine Optimization). The generated themes ranged from that article, talking abo... (more…)

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Pair Programming with AI

In a conversation with Kevlin Henney, we started talking about the kinds of user interfaces that might work for AI-assisted programming. This is a significant problem: neither of us were aware of any significant work on user interfaces that support collab... (more…)

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