vim-netranger – A ranger-like system/cloud storage explorer for Vim, bringing together the best of Vim, ranger, and rclone.

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Docker, Inc Is Dead

Aside from Uber, I can’t think of a more utilized, hyped, and well funded Silicon Valley startup (still in operation) fumbling as bad as Docker did in 2017.

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Java Developer’s Guide to SSL Certificates

Overview When developing web applications, we often need to integrate with other applications using SSL.   This could be over different protocols such as HTTPS, IMAPS, or LDAPS.  In this article, we’ll cover what Java developers need to know about SSL cer…

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Understand module in Angular Js

Understand module in Angular Js Modules in AngularJS serve as containers to help you organize your application into logical units. Modules tell AngularJS how an more…

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