Outsourcing Customer Service to AI: Are the Robots Coming?

I am in the customer service outsourcing business, so as a pithy Hacker News commenter once noted, I have a slightly biased opinion on these matters.  That said, I am also an avid technologist and…


VFX Industry Is Rotoscoping with AI

You can't build self-driving cars or computer generated films without computer vision. And for that you need copious amounts of image data. Luis Bermudez is a Research Scientist at Intel's Applied Machine Learning team, where he solves customer problems w... (more…)

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AI Next Campaign

For more than five decades, DARPA has been a leader in generating groundbreaking research and development (R&D) that facilitated the advancement and application of rule-based and statistical-learning based AI technologies. Today, DARPA continues to le... (more…)

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