Oracle Releases an OCI-Based Container Runtime Written in Rust

Just before the holiday weekend, Oracle released three new open source container utilities. These include a debugging tool, a microcontainer builder, and most interestingly, an implementation of the Open Container Initiative’s oci-runtime specification kn… Read more


Overview of Rust error handling libraries

Rust's error handling is a pleasure to use thanks to the Result type. It ensures Rust's error handling is always correct, visible, and performant. And with the addition of the ? operator in Rust 1.13, and the addition of return types from main in Rust 1.2... (more…)

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Tarpaulin – Rust code coverage tool

When people talk about code coverage, they’re referring to metrics which show how much of their source code is “covered” by their tests. Now covering the code is of course only the first step, the tests actually have to test the functionality in a meani... (more…)

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