One Billion Row Challenge Shows Java Can Process 1B Rows File in 2 Seconds

On the first day of 2024, Gunnar Morling, Senior Staff Software Engineer at Decodable, launched The One Billion Row Challenge (1BRC) to the Java Community. This ongoing challenge will run until the end of January and aims to find Java code that processes … Read more


FOMO: Java Module Edition

tl;dr version: Skip the FOMO on the Java module system. If Oracle makes a push to enhance it or otherwise invest in the system, it might make sense to revisit. Until then, enjoy the tiny JVMs produced by jlink and don’t worry about the rest. (more…)

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Java Feature Spotlight: Sealed Classes

The release of Java SE 15 in Sept 2020 will introduce "sealed classes" (JEP 360) as a preview feature. A sealed class is a class or interface which restricts which other classes or interfaces may extend it. Sealed classes, like enums, capture alternative... (more…)

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