OAuth 2.0 in a Java command-line app using Micronaut, Picocli, and GraalVM

Implementing OAuth 2.0 authentication flow for web applications is simple. Doing so for a command-line app – not so much. In this video, I will guide you ste… Read more


Scripting Java with a JBang

JBang provides a way of running Java code as a script, similar to JShell. However, unlike JShell, JBang works great on Java 8 and can be used to automatically download dependent libraries as well. In fact, JBang can even run without Java being installed -... (more…)

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Things We Love About Java

JetBrains loves all programming languages, and developers of all types! This May, Java turns 25 years old! So we want to pay it special attention, and celebrate 25 things we love about Java and the JVM. (more…)

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